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The healthcare industry has heavily benefited from technology, helping caregivers and healthcare professionals an opportunity to elevate their services, improving patient care, optimizing diagnosis and treatments. With the intervention of mobile technology, the healthcare offerings are further augmented- the healthcare professionals no longer need to be dependent on bulky, complex computer-based systems and the frontline healthcare workers can also have access to health data and resources out in the field.

tablet kiosk in healthcareTablet kiosk in healthcare

In this article, let us discuss how Android tablet kiosks can be used in healthcare:

1. Simplified check-in at the healthcare facility

Whenever patients walk into a healthcare facility- be it a clinic or a hospital, they have to submit a detailed entry form for their reason for visit, previous health history and other details. Without technology, this record entering and record-keeping is done manually by a frontline worker and patients also have to carry the designated documents, files and appointment details for each visit.

With Android tablet kiosks for healthcare, this cumbersome process can be replaced with digital technology. Patients can self-check in their information. If the system records are digitized, the entire patient information can be retrieved without having to carry patient information history files and reports. The Android Device management can be locked down to a single mHealth app dedicated to check-in and EHR retrieval. These kiosks can also be used as mPOS for billing and check-out.