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by Sam Fox - Tuesday, 4 January 2022, 11:23 AM
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This is officially my 100th post since I’ve started this blog.

Honestly, this blog has picked up faster and gathered more readers quicker than I expected.  I started this blog as a way to hold myself accountable for getting into game and actually following through with shit I say I’m going to do, as well as chronicling my journey along the way and sharing everything from my fuck-ups, to amusing ass shit that happens to me to to my occasional successes.

It’s been fun, and I’ve made a lot of improvement in my game in these five and a half short months.  I say five and a half, because my first post was on Jan. 20 – so, it won’t be 6 months until July 20th, if you want to be exact.

My first few posts were actually on the old blog, over on Blogger.  I started with Blogger because that’s what I’ve always used in the past for blogs.  I’ve noticed people using WordPress and was curious to try it out, so I made the switch over fairly early in this blog’s short lifespan.  I must say, I do like WordPress a lot better.

Yeah, this is about the 3rd or 4th blog I’ve started.  Most of the others fizzled because of lack of updates or ideas for shit to write about, except the financial blog I wrote for awhile, that one fizzled because once I got hired at a financial firm out of college, I just quit updating all together, because of conflict of interest reasons.

This blog here has been different than all of the others I’ve written.  Because it’s anonymous and my readers don’t come from my friends or Facebook acquaintances, it allows me to say whatever the fuck I want.  That’s definitely helped me not to run out of material, that and the fact that it’s an ongoing struggle/challenge for me to continue to improve my game.

I started this blog coming fresh off of a relationship.  I mean, my girlfriend and I had just broken up when I ordered Bang and decided to head down this journey.  I jumped into game headfirst and with a lot of approach anxiety, both in day game and in night game.  I’ve done a lot of work on my night game and improved a lot since the start of this – that’s obvious if you look at my first post when I went out approaching and you look at my more recent posts of nights out.

Wow, I still remember that night.  I went out solo and I was nervous as hell.   I walked in the bar and I just couldn’t do it, I couldn’t bring myself to approach anything.  I walked around the bar a couple of times and just left, disappointed in myself.   I definitely don’t have that problem at night anymore.  Thank goodness.

Now, I need to put more focus into my day game and bring it along the same improvement process and I could be somewhere pretty solid in another 6 months or so.  Not to mention a year from now.  I think I’m well on my way if I stay focused.  Gotta set goals here… and keep chasing them.

Like I said, the blog has really picked up steam so far, every month the amount of hits I’ve gotten has more than doubled from the previous month.  Now, I do expect that trend to slow down sometime soon… you can only keep doubling so much, before the momentum slows down a bit, but hopefully it keeps gaining readership and hits/views.

Because of this trend though, a lot of my top posts are definitely my more recent posts and my posts with the least views are my older posts.

My top 10 posts to date are:

1. Willy Wonka vs. The Rookie  
2. Dealing With Shit Tests  
3. Am I Too Nice Now?!?  
4. Purple Dress  
5. Be Prepared: The Boy Scout Moto  
6. CuteNewChick (part 2)  
7. I Dream Of Genie  
8. My Date With Butterface  
9. The Fit  
10. One More Chance

One thing I find interesting is that my field report type of posts (posts about nights out approaching) are probably the posts I consider to be the most important for myself and my improvement and are some of the ones I like writing the best, yet they don’t get near the amount of hits as my posts about dates, fuck-ups, flakes or even my game insight type of posts.  I’ll keep writing them though.  Like I said, I find them to be important to me to be able to look at and see how I’m doing and what mistakes I’m making and where I need to improve.  Hell, the field reports and the nights out are what provides the the material for other type of posts anyway if you think about it.

Anway, my bottom 5 posts (the ones with the least amount of views) are:

1. RIP Biggie Smalls
2. Weak Sauce
3. Flying Solo
4. The Grind.
5. Damn, I Answered.

Yeah, they’re pretty much all from the earlier days of the blog.  Which is to be expected I guess.

Also, my blogging has gotten better as well in these few months.  If you look back at February, I hardly posted often at all.  Compare that to recent months, and I’m usually posting once a day.  I also didn’t tell my stories of my dates that well back then either, I mean, my first date with February Fling was a pretty interesting date that makes for a good story, yet my post about it was pretty bland and un-detailed.   Hmm… maybe, I’ll revisit that and retell that story.  That could be an idea for an upcoming post.  I never did really elaborate on our little relationship which literally began as soon as the month of February did and ended as soon as March began, hence the retrospective nickname, “February Fling.”

It’ll be interesting to see what path/improvements my game (and this blog) take over the next few months… and the next 100 posts.

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