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by Sam Fox - Thursday, 9 September 2021, 10:40 AM
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In case you haven’t researched it for yourself already, people have completed studies and found that attractive women have more sexual partners, are more likely to cheat, and are more casual about sex than average-looking women. The reasons being that attractive women have more opportunities for sex, attractive women feel more entitled to have what they want (sex), and personally, I think the culture around attractive people is more accepting of casual sex (Just watch a show like The Hills or The Real World; or any show where they group-up a bunch of attractive people.).

This has pretty much confirmed what I’ve had a hunch about for years. As I’ve said already, it always seemed like the women most likely to give me a hard time about sex were the average-looking ones. Although the average women were more approachable and easier to get a date with, they were the ones that were much more critical of my outward sexuality and more likely to be reserved about having sex soon. The hot girls, on the other hand, were easier to make-out with, easier to take home, and easier to have sex with.

What does this imply? It implies that if you’re looking for casual sex, or a one-night stand, you’re much more likely to get that from a hot girl than you are from an average girl. This basically means that you should be focusing your efforts on the hotter women. The hotter women may not be the most approachable, but they are going to get sexual a lot faster than an average girl will, and they are going to be much more tolerating of your outward sexual behaviors.

Does this mean that you’re just going to be fucking hot women left and right? No. If you haven’t caught on yet, you have to meet a hot girl’s standards first, which are much higher than that of an average woman. Hot girls are having a lot of casual sex, but they’re only having it with hot guys. They aren’t out just fucking any guy. They’re fucking the most desirable men like jackrabbits, and staying far away from average-looking men.

But why am I telling you this? Because you may be making the mistake I use to make by assuming that hot girls want serious boyfriends or to go on dates. Most don’t. Most only want casual sex or are serial monogamists that jump from relationship to relationship. What this means is that you need to plan accordingly by making your move for sex as soon as possible, and laying off of the relationship type talk and behaviors unless she suggests it.

This is very different from how you would treat an average woman. The average woman is most likely looking for the serious boyfriend, to go on dates, and to take her time before having sex. The hot girls, on the other hand, may lose interest in you if you try that type of stuff with them. Not to say that they won’t get into a serious relationship, but you definitely should be more cautious about pushing for one or talking to her like you’re trying to make her your girlfriend. When it comes to the more attractive girls, they’re more accepting of, and most likely want, casual sex, and now the studies back it.


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