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The gilded boat box implies recruitment, good luck and the pursuit of a fulfilling life. Give your partners and friends luxurious gilded paintings full of spiritual meaning.

Gifts for special occasions such as store opening, housewarming, foreign partner gifts, VIP gifts, meeting gifts, events...

Feng shui items, sailboat gifts for the boss

Gifts Gold-plated feng shui sailboat model symbolizes success, career success, fame, fortune, and prosperity. This is a type of feng shui gift that is loved by business people because of its noble meaning. Gifts of gilded sailboats; painting model of a gilded sailboat - "Sail with smooth sailing"; "All goes well" ... is your first choice as a gift for your business, partner or boss.

has a deep meaning, must be beautiful, must have high value to create its own logo, making the recipient feel the most satisfied. This is embarrassing when the gift you choose offends the recipient, your partner or your boss.

 "Then which gift should you choose?" And today, Phuc Tuong Gold would like to introduce to you the most popular sailing gift products in our store: "Gifts for sailboats, feng shui paintings of gilded sailboats inlaid with gold"; products are both aesthetic and decorative; carries many auspicious feng shui meanings; suitable for businessmen and partners All needs of different subjects such as boss, ... when making high-end gifts... 

What is the golden boat gift - where does it come from?

From time immemorial, our forefathers built sailboats; Since thousands of years ago, people have built and used boats in many different situations and fields such as: as a means of transportation, on waterways, at sea; freely move from one place to another. Trade and business need to go to one location; Go fishing or explore, discover new lands, ...

Therefore, the image of a guide is always associated with conquest, aspiration and victory. Many gift products are made based on the sailing boat logo.

In addition, it also forms the gift of sailing boat painting, which many people search for this gift to choose as a business gift, opening gift, housewarming gift, partner gift, boss gift .. Send good wishes with the belief of successful business.

You need to buy gift products gilded sailboat at Phuc Tuong gold gift; Please contact us for the best quote.

(*) In addition, we accept orders to make and design sailboats, models of gilded sailboats; gold plated on request to meet all your needs.

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