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by marvel flex - Sunday, 12 December 2021, 3:43 AM
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 Five Tips for Business Survival for 2021

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 Many business owners were shocked by the outbreak. Yelp reports that 60% of companies that have closed won't be able to reopen because of permanent business closings. Imagine you've invested so much in an organization and then you see it slow down because of a virus.

 The new year is upon us and we aren't sure what it will bring. Business owners must ensure that they are prepared for these problems.

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 Every day, new inventions are created that streamline the purchasing process. If your company isn't innovating and making life easier for your customers, you may be at risk of losing customers to competitors who can. Steve Jobs stated, "Innovation distinguishes among those who lead and those who follow." This implies that you have to be innovative if your niche or industry is to be considered a leading company. This is true for marketing, the delivery of products, retention of customers, and more.

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 2021 will be a new year and your business may face new challenges. Below are five survival strategies.

 1. Make sure that your clients' minds are in check

 Every business needs marketing. The businesses which made it to 2020 were successful because their clients remembered them. Your company may not be able to function normally when lockdowns are in place in 2021. This could result in lower revenues. However, you shouldn't stop marketing, but rather reduce your marketing budget.

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 Marketing is the process of understanding your customers' needs, educate them, attract new ones, and get them to keep working with you. Every marketing strategy may not lead to outright sales, but they are inevitable if you're consistently successful.