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by morgan atheni - Monday, 30 August 2021, 12:52 AM
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Here, we are talking about the Capital of Ecuador, Quito. If you are thinking about planning a vacation, then you should consider visiting Quito. Here, in this beautiful destination, one can enjoy the best time of their life. There are several amazing tourist destinations in Quito that can entertain you throughout your vacation. You can also get a chance to know about its traditional culture and history. It is also considered one of the best family destinations where you can visit churches, a UNESCO World Heritage site, museums, galleries, etc. So, it will be a great destination for anyone to plan a family holiday. 

After some of the interesting facts about Quito, if you are interested in visiting here, you need to purchase Delta Airlines Tickets. With the help of Delta Airlines, you will be able to reach Quito without spending much money. Apart from that, you should also know about the best tourist attractions of Quito where you can visit with your family and friends. Having a must-visit list can help you enjoy your vacation in the best possible way. But, if you don’t know about the tourist attractions in Quito and need expert help, then this blog will be helpful for you. 

Have a look,

  • Witness the beauty of El Panecillo.

If you are in Quito, then you should indeed visit El Panecillo with your family and friends. It is recognized as one of the prime landmarks of Quito that attracts a lot of tourists every year. Here, you will get a chance to witness the La Virgen de Quito. It is an aluminum-made statue constructed by a Spanish Artist in 1976.

  • Let’s visit Ciudad Mitad del Mundo.

Do you want to explore some of the interesting histories of Quito? If yes, then you should take a tour of Ciudad Mitad del Mundo. It is also recognized as the national landmark of Ecuador. Here, you can also get a chance to visit an old-school museum where you can spot the collection of Amazonian tribes and Highland. So, if you want to visit here, you should choose Delta Airlines Book a Flight option.

  • Embrace the glory of La Campana.

Here, in the beautiful landscape of Quito, you can find several churches, but you should never miss a chance to visit La Campana. If you visit here, you will get an opportunity to witness the breathtaking interior of this iconic church. 

  • Cable car adventure at Teleferico.

If you are the one who loves to click amazing photos for your collection, then you should visit Teleferico. With the cable car of Teleferico, you will be able to reach one of the highest peaks of Quito. So, if you are thinking about visiting here with your family and friends for your vacation, you should choose the Delta Book Flight option and purchase the most affordable flight tickets to Quito.

  • Lastly, visit the Crystal Palace.

If you are on the verge of ending your excursion to Quito, then the Crystal Palace will be the perfect destination for you. Carlos van Ischot and Francisco Manrique originally designed this iconic palace.

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