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by marvel flex - Monday, 6 December 2021, 6:55 AM
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 It is also possible to share the report via a Contact Group. After the report has been shared with that group, each person will receive a Share Record.


 Contact record. This is an excellent way of seamlessly communicating with certain groups of contacts which includes top-tier lenders, donors, as well as local authorities.



 The ability to keep track of all the details helps you not only stay organized but empowers you with the knowledge and tools you require.

 It will make existing donors feel valued, involved and valued. This could lead to increased fundraising.

 Artwork Archive's CRM: How can you get more out of it


 Artwork Archive integrates CRM to make it easy for you to organize and manage contacts. All

 CRM can drastically reduce friction and frustration. CRM lets you save time and reduce anxiety by having all of your contact information all in one location.


 These are just a few instances of Artwork Archive's CRM that make management simple.