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by marvel flex - Monday, 6 December 2021, 4:28 AM
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Certain industries are struggling to find employees. Online art sales are possible. Find out more about it in 'Resilience within the Dealer Sector : A


 Mid-Year Review 2021' Report Written by Clare McAndrew (respected cultural economist and co-founder of Arts Economics).

 Artwork Archive has seen several non-profit organizations host auctions of art. These online transactions are used as fundraisers and support local artists.


 creative economy.

 Each year, the Point O' Woods Art Association holds a summer sale where they auction off their art work. A large number of people from their area died during the 2020 pandemic.


 Artwork Archive allowed members to see the exhibit online as they couldn't go to the show. The exhibition was a huge success and the online sales component

 It was that simple to do, the Point O' Woods Arts Association continued their virtual performances despite the lockdown lifts


 There is also the possibility of earning income from different sources. For example you might think about renting products, licensing or selling them. All of these can be tracked in artwork.