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by marvel flex - Sunday, 5 December 2021, 8:41 AM
Anyone in the world

Every entrant must mention at least one student or instructor who is currently exhibiting as a companion. All media are acceptable:


 Craft/Traditional Arts, Photography, Drawing, Film/Video/New Media, Mixed-Media/Multi-Discipline, Painting, Sculpture

 5th Annual National Juried Exhibition


 The Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, Wausau, Wisconsin, announces an open call for artists to participate in an exhibition that is juried. The exhibition will run from November 4 - 31, 2021.


 More than $7,500 in prizes and cash. Juror: Peter Trippi. Artists 18 years or older who reside in the US are qualified to view the exhibit in any medium. $50 fee

 DEADLINE: October 2,2021

 DATE November 4 - December 31 2021


 FEE: $50

 WHO: National, 18 and over. Accepted mediums include Photography, Craft/Traditional Art, Drawing and Film/Video/New Media.

 Discipline, Painting, and Sculpture

 Perceptual: Work made by direct observation/calls and submissions


 Manifest, an art gallery and non-profit organization located in Cincinnati, welcomes visual artists and designers.

 The process of interpreting the object is a procedure. Submissions may vary from traditional to the most abstract, most experimental, or most complex of media.

 This topic is addressed.

 DEADLINE: October 2nd 20,21

 DATES: December 9,-2021-January 12, 20,22

 Fee 40$ for four entries. Additional entries are $5.

 WHO: International, All media accepted: Craft/Traditional Arts, Photography, Drawing, Film/Video/New Media, Mixed-Media/Multi-Discipline,

 Paintings and sculpture

 Primal Disposition/Calls and Submissions

 Primal Disposition is a project to showcase works of art that are emotional and raw, primitives, earthens, sexually, sensual, conflictual, intuitive. We also seek

 Primordial work: Basic, foundational, primary colours, elemental or textural.