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by creed keys - Thursday, 2 December 2021, 2:29 AM
Anyone in the world

 Fast forward to your family on a safari in Africa. You take photos. Then, a possible and vigilant thief makes the connection that you're not at home.

 Your Picasso. And thanks to your Instagram post, the person knows precisely where to find the painting on. Cue: theft.

 You may have a lot of procedures in place, but most of the time our digital presence is forgotten about. Consider how your living space is shared.

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 Social gatherings

 Sometimes you are not in control of what is shared on social media. Social gatherings can be an ideal place to snap pictures and share.

 We have heard of stories where personal security guards snapped selfies in front of art work that is worth a lot of money and guests snapping photographs and posting tags to them on social media. This is

 You could have your privacy invaded. Make sure guests keep their phones in the coatroom.

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