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by creed keys - Wednesday, 1 December 2021, 3:43 AM
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 Three-dimensional bars appear smoother, while two-dimensional bars can be easier to read. Make sure the numbers appear clear. increasehealth increase health Website increase health co uk resulthealth result health Website result health co uk controlhealth control health Website control health co

 Stacked bars make totals much easier to understand. If you'd like to see the sales total divided into segments, you can stack bars.

 Use pie charts to find the market share of various market segments.

 You can show milestones or other tasks in horizontal bars. The labels are on the top left. Dates are displayed at the top or bottom. This is often called the Gantt Chart. This chart should only show the important tasks and milestones. A lot of details could cause it to be difficult to read.

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 To allow readers to quickly find the sources and identify the information in charts, make sure to include the source numbers in a summary. Never let a reader of a business plan without the source numbers to a chart. That's frustrating.