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Zoom: The individual can increase the size of and decrease the map.
Room description: When you touch on a workplace room or location, the matching
description is displayed in a brand-new screen.
Filter feature: When certain filter groups are turned on in the filter popover, the associated
rooms and also locations are noted on the map.
Positioning: When you touch the location button, the navigation application shows the office
or area in which the individual is presently located.
In order to allow the area to be identified, we have installed a couple of Bluetooth beacons in
each office area, relying on its dimension.
The iBeacon protocol is made use of for communication in between the sign and also moko
smart bluetooth beacon, as it is compatible with both iOS and Android.
Working of Indoor Place Beacon
To assign a Bluetooth sign to a particular room, we utilize the identification data of the
iBeacon procedure, that includes the UUID, significant as well as minor worths of the tool.
The UUID indicates that it comes from a specific super-group (for instance a certain
The significant worth assigns the beacon to a subgroup, for example, a flooring of the
building, and the small worth recognizes the sign itself as well as therefore, for example, a
specific space.
We have created a rapid and straightforward technique for digitizing the map: You fill the
map picture in LibreCAD, mark the summary of the specific office spaces and also locations,
assign an ID per rundown as well as export the result as an SVG file.

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