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by peng ge - Friday, 9 July 2021, 1:48 AM
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Beacon is a small device composed of a small amount of data, usually sending radio signals to nearby smartphones and tablets. The time between each movement sent and the signal strength is configured to draw the required coverage. The mobile app is used to monitor broadcast signals and trigger actions when the phone hears relevant alarms. Beacon can only reveal information to the mobile phone, but can't read it; So they move in one direction. Most of the data transmitted through the current beacon does not change the frequency because it is usually hardcoded. Once it's configured, it depends on a device that can listen to information and process it intelligently. With the progress of science and technology, this situation is likely to change in the future.

MOKOBlue Bluetooth Beacon never transmit any important data. Or, they pass short identifiers, and mobile applications can make good use of the data they send and do something useful. For example, mobile applications use beacons to detect the broadcast of short numbers and then convert those numbers into messages when connected to the Internet. Later, it triggers a push note to the receiver. In the absence of the Internet, the beacon can also send a push notifications, but it can only send short character push notifications. In short, a beacon is a replication device that publishes a temporary identifier.

Theoretically, the amount of customizable data transmitted by the beacon is very small, while the amount of data containing a unique identifier is very small. The identifier informs the mobile application to perform twitch monitoring and perform actions that provide additional information for processing. The identifier consists of three parts“ UUID "is the beacon supplier's identification file, and" secondary "and" primary "identification files are used to indicate different areas. All transmitted data is encrypted in a common format. This ensures standardization between the platform and the manufacturer. In order to ensure that no sensitive information is transmitted through BLE, mobile applications should first understand this feature.

The application must be configured as a specific beacon, although some transport modes are specific to some manufacturers. All beacons use the same settings to transmit data; So they are interchangeable. In order for a mobile application to respond as scheduled, it must identify the beacon it is listening to; Each beacon manufacturer, such as MOKOBlue, has a set of tools to assist in this process.