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by Sam Fox - Wednesday, 27 January 2021, 3:14 AM
Anyone in the world

There are one hundred and fifty frigging people expected at the christening on Sunday. Do you think if I say the number a few times that it won't seem so daunting? One hundred and fifty, one hundred and fifty, one hundred and fifty. Oh sh*t!

"There are weddings with less people at them!" I moaned to the bro yesterday. "The boyf even said that to his mum! He was like what the hell is going to happen when we get married!"
He laughed. "And I bet you were thinking 'Oh thank f*ck! There's going to be a wedding!"

Cheeky git! The bro can be a right bitch sometimes!

Well it certainly looks like it's turning into the mother of all parties. There's a DJ so they'll be some Sunday afternoon drunken dancing to MJ of course! Even though we're a bit daunted by the numbers, I'm looking forward to the circus. I think I'd almost be disappointed if our families didn't behave like their crackhead selves... I think we'll do a sweepstake on how long it will take before the bit of craziness begins...

Of course with an event that has spiraled there have been frayed tempers this week particularly when I got hustled into going around to the boyf's mums when I had thought I had the house, OK the TV, to myself for a few hours. "What's this meeting about?" I asked suspiciously. Until he had asked me to go, I was under the impression that he and his dad were needed for some sort of discussion that would give me access to the big TV and some peace and quiet. "It's not a meeting. I think she wants to see the bambino".

Within a few minutes of being there his mum whipped out a fat notepad full of lists and a christening meeting began. I shot mental daggers across the room at the boyf and he probably said a prayer for himself... I realise that because there isn't a ball being kicked around on screen, England losing the cricket, or a golf ball flying through the sky that the boyf doesn't attribute any importance to it when his mum requests a meeting...

OK I must go... the bambino is farting like a trooper after waking up early from her nap... I don't think there's any such thing as peace and quiet anymore... The boyf and I are worried that she might decide to do a poo during the christening.... Oh jaysus!

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